Waterfront Activities


imagine having your own private lake at camp! our beautiful and safe spring-fed lake is often the most highly enjoyable part of our programming to all of our campers and staff.

whether working on your swimming, or learning how to canoe, there is so much that goes on at our waterfront every single day. take a look below at some of our key areas that campers get to enjoy to learn more!

swim instruction



All of our waterfront staff and counselors are American Red Cross trained in lifeguarding to prom to provide a safe platform for our swim teachers to help you work on your skills. Whether that be at be your diving, butterfly stroke, or just the basics. We have different class groups for all abilities.

Canoeing is one of the favorite pastimes here at Incarnation! Our canoe program teaches all the basic strokes and safety skills, right up to canoe-over-canoe rescue. Campers(aged 10-13) can progress their canoe skills to be eligible for an off-site trip down the CT river!

What could be more fun than a trampoline? How about a trampoline on top of the water! Bounce around with your friends, and whenever you get done, jump over the edge into the refreshing lake!

This obstacle is for the real adventurers! Some bravery is required to reach the top of the 15’ iceberg. Practice your climbing know-how, then enjoy the view of the lake from the top before sliding or jumping down to do it all over again!

iceberg challenge

water activities

sailing instruction

rope swing

corcl boats

Our dedicated sailing instructors will teach you everything you need to know about Sailing! From learning about the parts of the boat, rigging the sail, capsizing and recovery, and finally all of the knots you will need to sail safely. We get some great wind on our lake, which means sailing is always a great time!

Are you brave enough to try out our rope swing? Grab on tight and swing out into the lake. See how far you can get! We have two rope swings on the property, one for our Pequot Sherwood campers, and a more advanced one for our Pioneer Village campers.

Have you ever seen or heard of a Corcl before?! New for our program, first appearing in 2019, these circular open top kayaks allow Campers to have all kinds of fun on the lake! Campers can sit, kneel, or stand in these fun vessels, they can be linked together to form a water train, and they can even be flipped over to be used as stepping stones! 

If there is a more fun way to enter the lake, we certainly can't think of it! Our 100 foot water slide, lovingly reffered to as the 'Wet Willy' allows you to slide down, and launch into our beautiful lake in a matter of seconds! The wet willy has been a fan favourite of campers and staff for many years. This slide was recently replaced for the 2021 season to allow several more years of fun!



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