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What happens after I enroll my child?
When we receive your registration you’ll be able to sign into your Campbrain account. There you can find your Welcome Kit including; a camper profile, health forms, physical exam forms to be filled out by your doctor, and a form for your camper to fill out telling us a little bit about themselves. You will also receive a confirmation letter and invoice. All forms need to be completed and received by camp by June 1st in order for your child to attend camp.

Can I request my child be in a tent with their friends?
We understand how important camp friendships are, and how important it is for new campers to feel comfortable in their tents. With that being said our Tent Requests policy is fair and simple, we will do our best. We ask that you trust our decisions regarding friend requests and tent mates as we take many aspects into consideration when doing tent placements. If you would like your child to be with a friend please let us know in your welcome packet paperwork.All requests must be mutually exclusive (Emily requests Jennifer, Jennifer requests Emily). Please note that having more than two children who know each other together in a tent creates a situation in which another child may feel lonely or left out. Because of the way our program works, most activities are done with the campers from the same unit. Your child will still be able to spend time with friends they already know – regardless of their tent assignment.

What is the refund policy?
If a camper is asked to leave the program due to behavioral problems, or if you withdraw your child from the program early, no refund will be issued. If it is determined that your child is too ill or contagious to remain at camp a pro-rated fee will be negotiated. If that situation arises, documentation from a doctor may be required in order to determine if you qualify for a refund.

Is there transportation available to and from camp?
Yes, we offer round trip transportation via bus each session. Transportation is available from several convenient locations. See below for more information. This is a fun way for campers to begin their camp experience!



What should I pack my child’s belongings in?
We recommend that each camper bring a trunk or plastic bin, no more than 12 inches high. These are easily stored under the beds in the tent. There are numerous websites on which you can find “camp trunks” all year round. Just as good as a trunk is a plastic bin with a lid. Upon registering your child for camp you will receive a welcome packet with a packing list included.

What is the setting like and where will my child live?
Our camp is situated along our mile-long private lake surrounded by 740 wooded acres. Campers live in our eco-friendly 20 foot platform tents – wood platform structures, covered by a canvas tent. These tents are very sturdy – they are not pop-up camping tents. There are four bunk beds in each tent. Tents are situated into groups called “Units”. Units are designated by age and gender. Each Unit has a wash house with five toilets, five showers, and six sinks, as well as a “Rec. Hall” – a large indoor space for activities, rainy day games, and for campers to just relax and enjoy each other’s company.

What should we expect during the summer?
You should expect your child to have a fun and enriching experience. Coming to camp may be cause for a brief stint of homesickness. This is a completely normal and healthy response to being away from home in an unfamiliar place. Our staff is sensitive to this issue and encourages those campers to talk out their feelings and become involved in camp activities. Experience tells us that in just a few days the homesick camper will be fully engaged in camp happenings and be comfortable in their new surroundings. Often, homesick campers will write letters home describing their homesickness and asking to be picked up. Please know that as stated earlier the mail can take up to five days to get to and from camp, and by the time this letter reaches you, your child will most likely be fully adjusted to camp life and having a great time. If your child continues to send you letters that raise a concern, please contact the Camp Office and let us know.

How are units decided?
Units are decided by age. Campers aged 7-9 will be in our youngest units, campers aged 10-11 are the middle units, and campers ages 12 and 13 are in our oldest units. Fourteen and fifteen year old campers attend Pioneer Village, our teen program. Campers in PV must be at least 14 years old when they begin camp.


When should I drop off & pick up my child?
Campers should be dropped off on the first day of the session between 2pm and 4pm.
Campers should be picked up on the last day of the session between 9am and 12pm.

When & where should we meet the Camper Bus?
In New York City, please meet the bus by 1.145am on the first day of your child’s session. The bus will depart by 12:00pm. At the end of a session, the bus will depart camp at 9:30am and should arrive in New York City by 12:30 pm. Please call the office if you will be late picking up your child or if you have questions about bus times.
New York City: The bus to camp departs from and drops off at 112th St and Amsterdam Ave, in front of St John The Divine Cathedral in Manhattan.

Thoughts about transportation: We pledge to do everything we can to offer a safe, timely, reliable trip to camp. If a delay arises we will attempt to contact you via cell phone ahead of time (please make sure to tell us if you have a new number). If you would like to change your child’s travel plans, please let us know as early as you can.

What can we expect on Opening Day?
Upon arriving at camp on opening day, families will be asked to park on our Katsanis Field and leave their trunks etc in their unit’s designated spot. We are a drive free camp and all family members will be asked to walk into camp unless prior arrangements have been made. Please be sure that your camper’s name and unit appears clearly on each item that is coming to camp. Please pack your bed linens separately and bring these items with you into camp. Our camp staff will bring all your luggage to your camper’s unit but it might take longer to get to your unit than you do (and you will want to make up your bunk!)
Your first stop after parking will be the camp office where you can pick up your mosquito netting (you can pay for this in advance for $15 or buy it on opening day for $20). Someone from our business office will be available to put additional money into the camp store/canteen (we suggest $25 for each camper for every two weeks at camp) as well. You can skip the camp office stop if you already have your mosquito netting or have already put additional money on your camper’s store account.
Next proceed to Gibney Dining Hall (about 300 yards), where your camper will have a lice check to insure that they are lice and nit free. You will be given an arm band which will allow you into your unit once you have passed through our lice check. Once you receive your arm band you will be directed to either our Health Center or to your unit!
Need to head to the Health Center? If you have medication or other medical issues that you will need to discuss with our camp nurses, you will head to the Health Center (directly across from Gibney). Even if you don’t have medication, please feel free to stop by; meet our medical staff, have a homemade cookie and grab a deliciously cool glass of lemonade or water.
After the Health Center/Lice check, you and your camper will go to your unit! Here you will meet your counselors, other tent mates and other unit mates! Campers will pick out their bunk and families may help campers settle in by making up their beds.
Now it is time for the camp fun to begin! Parents will say goodbye and campers will be whisked away to their first fun-filled adventure! Start to finish, dropping your child off at camp shouldn’t take more than an hour (give or take). Please remember parents that the longer you stay, the harder it is for campers to say goodbye.

What if my child is flying to camp?
We request that all international and national air travel be planned to arrive into JFK. All travel MUST be coordinated and approved by the camp office BEFORE booking your tickets. Parents MUST pay the unaccompanied minor fee at the time of ticket purchase directly with their airline. Please send proof of purchase of the fee paid, we may need to provide this to your airline on departure day.

PLEASE DO NOT MAKE TRAVEL PLANS WITHOUT CONFIRMING WITH CAMP FIRST. We do not guarantee airport pick ups and drop offs without pre-approval from our administrative staff. Once airport plans are approved we will make every reasonable effort to make sure your child meets his/her flight but, we cannot be responsible for events out of our control. In the event of a flight delay or cancellation we will never leave your child unattended.

International Campers and Extras:
There is a Linen Package available for $60.00 (Items will not be sold individually) Package includes: 1 Pillow, 2 Pillow Cases, 1 Top Sheet, 1 Fitted Sheet, 2 Towels. Please see EXTRAS form in Welcome Kit.
All Beach Day & Off-Site Trip spending money should be sent to camp via credit card or check before camper arrival. Please DO NOT send cash. Please see Extras form in the Welcome Kit – add the amount of spending money to the total tuition, notate this on the Extras form and send to camp.
All Off-Site Trips are included in the tuition. Campers may want some spending money. Please see the Extras sheet in the Welcome Kit which outlines suggested amounts.
All campers must bring a sleeping bag to camp for “camp-outs”. Every camper will spend at least 2 nights sleeping under the stars with their Unit. Pioneer Village campers (ages 14 & 15) will spend several nights “camping out” on their hike, bike or canoe trip.

Please note time differences before calling the Camp Office as we want to make sure we are able to be in touch. We suggest emailing camp to set up phone call times:


May I visit my child at camp? When is Visiting Day?
If your child is attending camp for four or more weeks there is a scheduled Parents Visiting Day. Visiting Days are 10am – 4pm and dates are: Session 1 – July 6th (10am to 4pm) ; Session 2 – Aug 3rd (10am to 4pm); and July 20th (10am to 4pm) for camper staying 6 or 8 weeks There is no Visiting Day if your child is only attending camp for 2 weeks.

Will I be able to see photos of my child during the summer?
Yes, you must sign up for Bunk 1, a password protected online service only available to parents and family of our campers. A camp photographer takes pictures each day and uploads them to the website every day by 9 pm. It is through this same website that, for an additional fee, you may sign up for the one way email service. Please note that the pictures uploaded onto Bunk1 are fun candid shots of activities happening at camp. We simply want you to be able to get a sneak peek into the everyday happenings around camp. We cannot guarantee that every camper will end up in the forefront of a photograph. We will do our best!

How does the mail work?
Mail is sorted and delivered daily to each Unit. Campers are required to bring stamped envelopes from home as we will encourage them to send letters home at least once a week. Mail is distributed after lunch during rest hour. It may take up to 5 days for a letter to get to and from camp, please allow for this delay. You will learn your campers Unit assignment prior to them starting camp.
Sample Address:
Joe Camper, UNIT NAME
Incarnation Camp
P.O. Box 577 Ivoryton, CT 06442

If sending a letter before your camper arrives, please replace the Unit name with the Session the camper is attending. Example: Joe Camper, Session 2A. You may send one way emails to your child through the Bunk 1 service, we will distribute it with the regular mail, and your camper will be able to respond with a handwritten letter. Please note that Bunk 1 email letters received after 6:00 am will be distributed with mail the following day.
A word on writing letters to your camper… We suggest sending your camper mail prior to their arrival so that they have mail waiting for them when they get to camp. Let them know how proud of them you are for coming to camp and that you are sure they will LOVE camp and all it has to offer. It is important that in each letter you send your child you remain positive, supportive, and encouraging about their time at camp. You may receive a letter from your camper asking to be picked up early. This is normal and should not be cause for concern. If these type of letters persist, please call the camp office.

May I send my child a care package?
Yes. Campers love to receive packages from home! Some ideas are: games, books, small toys, stuffed animals, and things for them to decorate their tent with. However, we ask that you do not send any food as it invites unwanted critters into camper living spaces and it will be thrown out. Sealed With a Kiss will send your camper a great bunch of goodies if you’d like to save some time.

Can my child bring their cell phone?
No. Campers are not allowed to bring cell phones. We understand that this may feel uncomfortable but we ask that you allow your child to experience this amazing outdoor, friend-filled, electronics-free experience. We do NOT allow campers to receive phone calls except in an EMERGENCY or on the child’s birthday. All calls to campers should be made through the camp office. Our summer number is: 860-581-4560. Please note that we do not allow phone calls during the first three days of each session as this is an important time to acclimate to camp and speaking to mom/dad can make a camper homesick.

How do I get in contact with the Director?
During the camp season we operate out of our camp office which is centrally located on the property. This is not the same physical office we use during the school year. The Camp Office is open everyday from 9:00am-6:00pm. If you need to speak with someone after office hours please leave a message in the Camp Office and we will get back to you the following day when the office re opens. In case of an emergency, you can reach an on call senior staff member at the contact number below.
Academic Year Office: (Answered all year Monday – Friday) 860.767.0848
*To reach camp staff during the off-season and to reach the Main Office directly for billing questions.
Summer Office: (June 24-Aug 18, 9am -6pm everyday) 860.581.4560
*To reach the Summer Office directly

When should I call the emergency phone?
Our urgent contact system is for use outside normal business hours if you need to get in touch with someone regarding a serious emergency the you can call 646-796-6917 or 860-304-2670. Please do not call the emergency phone to ask how your child is fairing at camp, we will be happy to discuss this with you during Camp Office hours. Please DO call the Emergency phone if there is a family emergency or an urgent situation needing assistance right away.


What if my child becomes ill while at camp?
We have registered nurses on camp 24 hours a day and the health center is always open. The pediatrician’s office and hospital are only a short 10 minutes away. If your child needs to stay in the health center over night or needs to visit the doctor, you will be notified immediately by the health center.

What if my child needs to take medication at camp?
Medication is given out each day during meals unless there are other instructions. Please bring enough medication with you on check-in day for your child’s entire stay, or give it to the designated staff member riding the bus up to camp with your child. All medications need to be IN THIER ORIGINAL CONTAINERS and accompanied by a signed release form from you and your doctor. Prescription medications MUST be prescribed to the camper receiving them. Nothing other than an EPI pen or inhaler, with doctor & parent consent, can stay with your child in their units. See our Permission for Self-Administration of Medication (part 4) form in our Welcome Kit. If your child becomes ill over the summer and is prescribed medication, the camp will use the insurance card provided by you, and then pay the co-pay needed. You will then be billed for the amount of that prescription. The Health Center will have all necessary over the counter medications.


How do you celebrate birthdays at camp?

Birthdays at camp are awesome! The birthday camper will have a delicious cake, complete with candles, to share with their tent mates at dinner time. Then the entire dining hall serenades the birthday boy or girl with lengthy renditions of silly songs.

Is there a laundry service provided?

Yes! Laundry is done once a week. Campers sort their clothing by “lights” and “darks” and place them in their tent laundry bags which they then bring to our laundry drop/pick-up spot. Our laundry service washes and returns the clothing within 24 hours. Please be sure to send two sheets of bed sheets.

What types of training programs do the staff typically participate in?
Our summer camp prioritizes the safety and well-being of both our staff and campers. To ensure the highest standards, we provide a comprehensive array of training programs. Externally, our staff undergo boating safety training facilitated by Mark Vining and Boatsafe LLC, as well as DEI training conducted in collaboration with the National Conference and Community for Justice - NCCJ. Additionally, our staff receives vital insights on child safety through informative sessions hosted by our insurance agency, as well as mandated reporter training mandated by the state of Connecticut.

Internally, we offer rigorous training certified by the American Red Cross, covering lifeguarding, CPR/First Aid, and medication administration. Furthermore, our staff undergoes extensive child care sessions, specialized activity training, and waterfront safety sessions. These efforts are complemented by various safety and emergency protocols meticulously integrated into our training regimen, ensuring a secure and enriching experience for all participants at our camp.


po box 577
ivoryton, ct