Tent & Unit

Here at Incarnation Camp, we are hosted in a beautiful 740 acre wooded property in coastal Southern CT.
At the center of our property is a pristine, spring fed, 1.3 mile long private fresh water lake surrounded by hiking trails which give stunning views of the area.

Our camp program is famous for one thing; we sleep in Platform Tents! They are a cornerstone of our 130 year tradition, and many former and current campers site this as one of their favorite parts of the Incarnation Camp experience.

Please read on to learn more about our lake, tents, buildings, and other facilities on the property!


platform tents

One of the things we are best known for here at Incarnation is that all of our campers and staff spend their summer in platform tents. Now usually only seen at boy scout camps around the country, Incarnation is proud to be one of the few to offer this authentic camp experience for our campers.

All tents that the campers stay in will also have a staff member residing there as well. There are 4 bunk beds per tent, with trunks and other personal items finding homes underneath or around the beds. We do our best to accommodate tent mate requests but also encourage campers to live with new campers in order to foster new friendships.

There is always an adult present in the unit, no matter the time of day. At nighttime, the counselor that is on duty performs rounds to ensure the campers are going to sleep and no problems have arisen. All campers come to camp with ample flashlights and even lanterns to help light up their tent at night. Bug nets that hang over a camper bed are available for purchase. Campers are encouraged to notify their counselor at any time if they need assistance ie. a companion to the bathroom at night.

Tents are part of the true American camp experience and we pride ourselves on offering an authentic one. While the amenities of a cabin cannot compare to a platform tent, the magic of the outdoors and the connection made with the natural world cannot be replicated anywhere else. Living in the woods for weeks at a time with only canvas between you and the elements is a life defining adventure

Unit & camp facilities

Wash houses

Each unit has a red wash house in a central location to all the tents. This building has electric lights on at all times and is always open. There are 5 toilets, 5 showers, and 6 sinks that are for the units use. The facilities are cleaned daily by the campers and staff. Tents take turns sharing unit duties which also include cleaning the rec hall, collecting firewood, picking up trash, and cleaning an area on camp (such as the basketball courts) which has been assigned to the unit

Besides the wash house, there is one more building in each camper unit. The Rec Hall is a large indoor space that many units utilize during poor weather and to simply gather everyone in the unit under one roof. It is also where the on-duty staff member can be found at night. There is always a staff member in the unit at all times, and they are usually posted at the picnic table (during the day) or the Rec hall ( at night). The Rec hall is in a central location that is well lit and accessible from all the tents. Generally only campers and staff from the specific age group are permitted in their Rec Hall.

rec halls

Mealtimes at Camp take place in the spacious Gibney dining hall. Meals foster a camaraderie and good times. Campers sit in their tent groups at circular tables which promote conversation and interactions, with boys on one side of the hall and girls the other. Meals are family-style and there is always a vegetarian/dietary requirement options, as well as a full salad & pasta bar. To instill responsibility, campers take turns being the waiter or waitress for their table, known as being the “waitron”. Throughout the sessions there are various themed meals that are put on and everybody is encouraged to dress up and get into character. Some themes from past years included 80’s, Harry Potter, Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, Space, and Greek night! The welcome addition of a large outdoor deck is large enough to host two full units eating out on a rotation.

gibney dining hall


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